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Dull complexion? Non-luminous face? Color defect?

When the skin is exposed to harm, it loses its freshness and beauty day after day, and with the passage of time, the mirror reflects an image that we do not like. Then the time comes to take the necessary measures, as today we can repair the damage to our skin. Dermatologists have begun to resort to more chemically peeling process. To restore skin like that of children, as quickly as possible. The principle of chemical peeling is based on applying a substance to the surface of the skin, which leads to urging the skin to exfoliate in varying degrees.

Advantages of different peeling products:

There are several types of peeling products, which differ according to the chemical part used in the molecule and its concentration. These preparations can affect the surface layer only and do not reach the depth of the skin, and the middle peeling when exposed to the middle inner layer of the skin or deep when it reaches the depth of the skin is not used These preparations are only made by specialists and dermatologists.

The peeling by Phenol remains the strongest ever, it has great capabilities to penetrate into the skin, but a small number of doctors use it due to the risk of burns that this peeling may cause, which is used on topically anesthetic skin that leads to the elimination of colored spots permanently.

Ghlycolic acid is a chemical fraction used frequently in surface peeling preparations with different concentrations (20%, 35%, 50%, 70%) depending on the nature of the skin. This part has excellent penetration ability. One of the advantages of this type of peeling is its speed in exfoliating the skin almost invisible to the eye. The redness disappears quickly and it is not necessary to use any anesthetic, but it does not affect the deep wrinkles and prominent spots at all.

As for Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), it penetrates into the skin to a greater depth than glycolic acid can reach, its results are more amazing and it leaves a clear effect. Peeling with this acid is used in varying amounts, depending on the type of skin and the problems that it suffers from. All of the mentioned types of peeling, even those that penetrate deep into the skin, do not pose any risk of toxicity

Peeling results:

The first stage: if the peeling process is done in the correct way by specialists in skin care, this will improve the appearance of the skin, the skin becomes smoother and more bright, its pores close, fine lines diminish and signs of pimples diminish.

 :Micro Dermabrasion

Crystal peeling is a deep cleansing of the skin that removes all dead layers, deposits and pigment accumulated on the surface of the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Doctors may recommend using masks after a crystal session to maintain the results of the session for a longer period, giving the skin glow, vitality and radiance always. Crystal peeling depends on the micro-vibration (sanding) of the skin with a fine powder whose main material is crystal without damage or redness of the skin when swiping. Crystal therapy is recommended by doctors as part of a medical treatment program for acne and its effects


The device works to create a soft sanding of the skin that works to remove dead surface cells from the skin through diamond chips to leave it smooth, shiny and free of blackheads. It can be used at weekly intervals to achieve faster results if it works to remove surface pigments, fine wrinkles, close enlarged skin pores, and improve skin cracks by stimulating it to increase collagen production. The device contains several heads of different sizes according to the places of use, and different tension can be used according to the degree of depth and peeling to be created. Diamond peeling is safe for all skin types, as it is painless and does not require anesthesia before the session, and you can continue your usual daily activity. It is preferable to use a moisturizing and soothing mask immediately after the session, while  adhering to sunblock.To maintain the satisfactory results, the sessions should be continued once a month or two

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